Wire Forming, Stampings, and Secondaries

Phillips Enterprises Inc.
DQS Registered Firm

Multislide Stamping

In multislide stamping, we work with all the materials, low carbon, high carbon, stainless steel, brass, copper, beryllium copper, phosphor bronze, aluminum, etc. We offer automatic machine forming of flat wire and stock material up to 2.5" wide .010" to 3/32".

Metal Stamping Slides:
Multislide Stamping Slide 1
Multislide Stamping Slide 2
Multislide Stamping Slide 3
Multislide Stamping Slide 4

Power Press Stamping

Our capabilities in power press stamping range from single operations to fully automatic production, from single Die station to Progressive Die stations. Capacity is up to 75 tons.
Metal Stamping Slides:
Power Press Stamping Slide 1
Power Press Stamping Slide 2
Power Press Stamping Slide 3
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